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What is "Start to Finish" Case Management?

This type of case management evolved out of  necessity. Too often, a police department would encounter issues that were not easily solved by an arrest or other law enforcement intervention but would continue to pose a concern and possible risk to public safety.  In an attempt to protect the public, one large police department and a few creative individuals developed a method to manage problems that didn't respond to typical strategies. 


One example of a situation not easily solved by law enforcement is stalkers- in California police need probable cause to arrest someone.  For stalking charges, elements of the crime must include the victim being afraid, the stalker making two or more contacts with the victim, and there must be threats made.

Our social media world has created an artificially intimate environment where celebrities and influencers share so much of their daily experiences online that fans can believe that they are being spoken to directly.   This feeling of intimacy can blur the lines of appropriate behavior, and fans have traveled in attempts to meet the object of their affection.   These types of stalkers may generate fear, but rarely do they actually make threats, and law enforcement can do little to stop the concerning behavior.   Nonetheless, history has told us many times this type of behavior is potentially dangerous.  So what can be done?

Assess-Reduce-Manage.  Too often professions operate within their individual areas of expertise, and neglect meaningful collaboration.   With certain situations, like stalking or a Life Crisis Event, there are many people involved.  Each has a specific role, but are they coming together to solve the problem? 

The answer is usually "no".   Families (of the victim and suspect), companies, hospitals, outpatient treatment providers, psychotherapists, attorneys and  others don't share information or strategies for fixing the problem. 

When someone is able to gather all the information, and collaborate with everyone involved, a meaningful plan can be developed to manage the situation. This strategy applies to most every human crisis.  But you need one person that understands the complexity of the situation, has the experience to assess the circumstances, has the knowledge to ask the significant questions and the ability to generate solutions.

Assist with management of Life Crisis Events, including complicated family situations involving domestic violence, marital crises, criminal arrest, suicidal ideation, complications of substance use or being avictim of crime.

Collaborate with security services to determine the level of risk regarding stalkers or “super fans” who travel from another city/state/ country to meet the victim in person.

Evaluate an influencer’s social media relationships and online interactional style, determining the level of potential threats and generating a feasible risk management plan.

Counsel on treatment options to find the appropriate level of care for person suffering from serious mental illness, substance use or other ailments requiring specialized care. 

Provide guidance through the hospital and legal systems for family members suffering from serious mental illness, including assistance with LPS conservatorships and incompetent to stand trial issues (California).

Provide consultation when a family member is arrested, including adjudication plans that involve treatment vs. incarceration.

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