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Dr. Telesh has managed over 800 cases for the Los Angeles Police Department as a psychological subject matter expert which involved situations like criminal threats, stalking, trespassing, harassment and many other crisis and threat situations. She is an expert in developing strategies and interventions which bring together all involved parties to problem-solve complex situations in a calm and timely manner.  Her unique combination of experience and effective problem-solving approaches have led to creative solutions for hundreds of individuals, families and groups, without ever sacrificing safety. Dr. Telesh is the go-to Psychological professional for unusual and complicated life events which may have public exposure that are privately and discreetly resolved


When you feel you have exhausted all known options and don’t know who to call, Dr Telesh can provide a framework for understanding these situations and help you resolve what life has brought your way.  Dr. Telesh’s idea of a good outcome/resolution is the one that does not capture media attention but rather lets you get back to your life and work in a health, safe, timely and discreet manner…. If the paparazzi doesn’t know she is involved, then she did her job.

Past cases include:

  • Evaluating a social media Influencer's online interactions after a stalker traveled from overseas to meet them.  This case required generating and pro-actively enacting a plan to have the stalker returned to their country of origin, and a plan for the Influencer to safely manage online interactions in the future.

  • Advising a family in a complicated situation: spouse caught cheating, adult child and other spouse arrested for assault, two family members confronting substance use issues and suicidal ideation.  This case required extensive coordination between jail, court, attorney, family and linkage to treatment centers.

  • Providing on-set support and mediation to a production team experiencing conflict that was negatively impacting the work environment.

  • Consulting with a family whose adult child alleged sexual abuse against a parent.

  • Assisting a family’s adult child suffering from serious mental illness who had been arrested for a felony; helped to start and navigate the LPS conservatorship process, as well has provide consultation to the court that involved having all parties agree on adjudication and safety plan.

  • Providing support and consultation to an adult and their family preparing to file a criminal complaint of rape against a high-profile individual.

  • Assisting a security team in determining level of threat a stalker posed, and further coordinating and carrying out a plan to have the stalker returned to their country of origin (because no criminal charges were being filed, the stalker returned to the residence multiple times).

  • Evaluating and advising on a complicated family situation involving allegations of incest, kidnapping, and rape.

  • Assisted multiple writers with character development sketches, including realistic depictions of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.

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