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Reviewing the Laws

Attorneys & Law Enforcement

Dr. Telesh is a subject matter expert in the areas of serious and chronic mental illness, appropriate level of psychiatric care, hospital and insurance “patient dumping”, law enforcement de-escalation and verbal crisis intervention techniques, provides court reports (assessment and evaluation) and expert court testimony. Dr. Telesh has been certified as an expert in cases in Los Angeles and Clark County (Nevada) Superior Courts.

Dr. Telesh has provided formal testimony and informal problem-solving feedback to courts, information and recommendations to defense and prosecutorial teams regarding creative solutions for persons suffering from serious mental illness, and generated equitable action plans for all parties involved.

Dr. Telesh provides training to law enforcement regarding crisis intervention, de-escalation and communication with chronically mental ill subjects for both patrol operations and in a custody/jail environment. Training goals are focused on reducing use of force and deadly force encounters.

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