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A Bit About Dr. Telesh

Dr. Kimberly Telesh is a widely respected Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, having managed over 800 cases for the Los Angeles Police Department involving criminal threats, stalking, trespassing, harassment and many others. Her unique combination of real-world experience and problem solving has led to creative solutions for hundreds of individuals, families, and groups, without ever sacrificing safety. She develops strategies that bring together all involved parties in order to address challenging situations. Dr. Telesh has become the go-to professional for unusual and complicated life events.

 When you don’t know who to call, Dr. Telesh can provide a framework for understanding and help you resolve what life has brought your way.

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Services I Offer

Dr. Telesh’s extensive experience with law enforcement and command of "start to finish" Case Management is a service previously only afforded through the police department.  But the general public can now benefit from her expertise in the form of a psychological concierge.  Dr. Telesh provides a range of discrete problem-solving consultation services to individuals, families, companies, and attorneys. Utilizing her unique background, Dr. Telesh’s is available to evaluate complex issues and provide concrete solutions when there is no one else to turn to.

Three Generations
Law Review

Entertainment Industry

Dr Telesh is a benefit to the entertainment industry in multiple ways; first, with her ability to provide discrete threat assessment and production mediation services, including on-set conciliation designed to increase staff cohesion. Secondly, her expertise in both the mental health and law enforcement fields makes her the perfect bridge consultant for creating realistic characters struggling with emotional problems, and their journey with mental and emotional health.

Individuals & Families

Dr Telesh provides psychological concierge services to assist individuals and families with various life crisis events that involve the evaluation and management of multiple factors. When bad things happen to good people, you need a professional with the knowledge and experience to generate meaningful solutions.

Attorneys & Law Enforcement

Dr. Telesh is a subject matter expert in the areas of serious and chronic mental illness, appropriate level of psychiatric care, hospital and insurance “patient dumping”, law enforcement de-escalation and verbal crisis intervention techniques, provides court reports (assessment and evaluation) and expert court testimony. Dr. Telesh has been certified as an expert in cases in Los Angeles and Clark County (Nevada) Superior Courts.

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